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Google AdWords

More often than not, users who search for legal terms on Google are either conducting research or actively looking to hire an attorney. With the help of AdWords, you can place your ad directly in front of users searching for legal services like those your law firm provides. However, as the legal field only grows more competitive, AdWords best practices are slightly different for law firms.

As a result of fierce competition, law firms’ bid rates and ad costs are typically rather steep. Higher, more strategic bids will allow your firm to remain competitive and earn top ad rankings. Through research and data, Marz Media Group will determine the most lucrative keyword

By creatively testing different words like “free consultations,” “flat-rate pricing,” “combined years of experience,” and “number of cases won” in your law firm’s AdWords copy, our team will help to assure prospective customers that hiring you isn’t a risky decision.

And ensuring that traffic from your ads is directed to the right landing page is equally important. By creating and sending searchers to a specialized landing page that details the services specified in the ad. And by utilizing geo-targeting -- targeting groups in ideal radius(es) for your business, we can ensure that your ads are not shown to users in locations not relevant to your business. 

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